The Homeownership Urban Blueprint

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Who We Are

The Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta assembled a dynamic coalition of business, civic, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations operating in the affordable housing sector to work together to boost sustainable homeownership for underrepresented families and communities across metro Atlanta. Galvanized by a multi-million-dollar Wells Fargo grant named the Wealth Opportunities Restored through Homeownership (WORTH) initiative, the coalition became the Atlanta WORTH Collaborative.

The Collaborative is leveraging the grant with existing partner resources to increase the number of affordable single-family homes (and low to moderate income buyers) as a means of closing the racial wealth gap across metro Atlanta. A foundational member of the Worth Collaborative, the Urban League of Greater Atlanta has been charged with developing a revolutionary web-based interactive tool as part of the strategic approach to achieving our goals. We named this tool The Homeownership Urban Blueprint – The HUB.  

The HUB is designed to offer enhanced access to all of the key resources in the homeownership ecosystem. This includes homeownership education, counseling, credit building, and a marketplace of real estate professionals, lenders, inventory and programs that will give under-served prospective and existing homeowners access to the cross-section of resources they need to be sustainable homeowners and to build financial literacy and wealth.

Our Mission

The mission of the Atlanta WORTH Collaborative is to increase the number of homeowners by an additional 5,000 and preserve homeownership for 1,000 families across metro Atlanta by the end of 2026.

We will accomplish this by engaging in various strategies that include support for minority builders to boost housing stock, and by offering broader access to education, down payment assistance, lenders, and other service providers and products through The HUB.

Our Vision

Working closely with the City of Atlanta and numerous nonprofits supporting the region's housing sector, we have dedicated ourselves to finding solutions for expanded homeownership opportunities for diverse communities.

Our vision is to foster a collaborative environment where individuals from all backgrounds can achieve homeownership, fostering economic empowerment and social equity.

We have created a centralized platform that will provide seamless access to resources and support for potential buyers.

This HUB will serve as a game-changer by connecting buyers with essential resources such as down payment assistance programs and Realtors®, empowering them to navigate the homebuying process with confidence. 

The HUB will also facilitate vital connections between homebuilders and mortgage-ready buyers, fostering a more efficient and inclusive housing market.

“We’ve created a site – a hub – that combines the ease of navigation with readily digestible information to appeal to aspiring homebuyers and experts who can help them achieve their goals. Increasing the numbers of homeowners in communities of color and among other low-income populations will benefit the entire region. Homeownership, along with the financial literacy know-how to sustain it, helps create generational wealth.
Nancy Flake Johnson - President of ULGATL
Nancy Flake Johnson
President of the Urban League of Greater Atlanta
"We have turned intent into action, with a clear plan, a timeline, and a transparent commitment to drive change. Transforming a $7.5 million funding opportunity into more than $220 million in leverage is proof of our partners' dedication to housing equity throughout the region."
Frank Ferdandez
President and CEO of the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta
"This collaborative represents a watershed moment for Atlanta and the region and is long overdue. I have committed 20% of the City's housing budget, $20 million, to this Atlanta housing collaborative. It is that important to drive true change and enable our diverse neighbors to achieve the dream of homeownership."
Mayor Andre Dickens

Streamlining Homeownership for Diverse Households and Benefits for Developers, Homebuyers, Lenders, and Community Partners

Developers can benefit from the WORTH Collaborative’s online platform by having access to a pool of mortgage-ready buyers who are connected to financial assistance programs. This will increase the demand for their housing projects, leading to more sales and revenue. Additionally, the Collaborative’s efforts to support the capacity and growth of diverse homebuilders can lead to more diversified and innovative housing options, which can benefit developers and the housing market as a whole.

Homebuyers can benefit from the WORTH Collaborative’s platform by having better access to financial assistance programs and homebuyer services. The online platform can help buyers easily connect with down payment assistance programs and maximize their financial assistance. The customer-facing hub can provide comprehensive homebuyer education, assistance, and marketing campaigns that are tailored to the underrepresented  market. These efforts can help reduce the barriers to homeownership for households and increase the number of successful home purchases.

Lenders can benefit from the WORTH Collaborative’s platform by having a more streamlined process for providing loans to mortgage-ready buyers. The user-friendly interface for coordinating and measuring down payment assistance programs can ensure that buyers receive the right amount of financial assistance, which can increase the likelihood of loan approvals and reduce the risk of defaults. Additionally, the Collaborative’s efforts to promote DEI education and practices can help lenders build more inclusive and diverse teams, which can lead to better decision-making and customer service.

Community partners such as Housing Counseling Agencies, Non-profits & Faith Based Organizations, Policy Advocates & Local Jurisdictions, Home Inspectors & Home Appraisers, Insurance Professionals, Investment Bankers, Realtists and Realtors, Builders, Developers & Construction and Rehab Professionals will benefit from the Housing HUB platform by having access to a centralized hub for coordinating resources and services to streamline the home buying process for diverse households. They will also have access to user-friendly tools and resources to better connect mortgage ready buyers to available assistance and quantify existing DPA programs.


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