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Carne Mahone
2501 Lantrac Court, Decatur, Georgia 30035, United States
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Morningstar Urban Development Inc’s mission is to empower individuals and families by providing comprehensive economic support, housing services, and education. We are committed to fostering financial stability and secure housing for all members of our community. Through expert guidance, innovative programs, and strong partnerships, we strive to create a brighter future where every individual can achieve their economic and housing goals. Our purpose is to build resilient, inclusive, and thriving communities by addressing the diverse needs of our residents and promoting equitable access to economic opportunities and safe, affordable housing.”

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Redefine Your Lifestyle Today: Why Co-Living may be Atlanta's Future of Urban Living
Redefine Your Lifestyle Today: Why Co-Living may be Atlanta’s Future of Urban Living.

Atlanta has witnessed a changing trend in its residential living patterns, especially among young professionals and urban dwellers. Co-living spaces have grown in popularity, offering a novel solution to affordability,…

The Homeownership Urban Blueprint’s Vendor Soiree: Empowering Real Estate Professionals for Growth

On Thursday, April 4th, The Homeownership Urban Blueprint (The HUB) organized a Vendor Soiree at the Urban League of Greater Atlanta Office. This special event was particularly designed for real…

Blueprints and 3D model of house
Blueprints to Homeownership: Join Us for Mortgage and Tenancy Mondays

Looking to gain valuable insights into homeownership, rental rights, and the path to becoming a homeowner? Look no further than The Homeownership Urban Blueprint’s (The HUB) Mortgage and Tenancy Monday…