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Welcome to The HUB, where we believe in helping lenders like you expand your network and enhance your visibility to homebuyers.

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Join our mission to revolutionize the homebuying experience. Our platform connects mortgage-ready buyers with diverse housing counselors, lenders, and developers to streamline the homebuying process.

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We envision empowering and supporting diverse lenders in connecting with educated and ready-to-buy homebuyers from diverse backgrounds.

The HUB serves as a dynamic platform that fosters connections between lenders and diverse, ready-to-buy homeowners. By providing a seamless interface, The HUB facilitates access to education, resources, and networking opportunities, empowering lenders to engage with a diverse pool of potential homebuyers. 

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“We will put a steering committee member testimonial of their excitement for opportunities with The HUB.W”

Pete Daniels
ATL Develop


Lenders can effectively network with developers at industry events, conferences, and seminars by actively engaging in conversations, exchanging contact information, and following up afterward to establish connections.


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Experiences are what life is all about. The homebuying experience should feel empowering, and not overwhelming and nerve-wracking. As a Program Manager and licensed social worker, I view The HUB as a way to empower prospective homebuyers. The HUB offers a network of professionals working as a team to help you smoothly navigate the steps to homeownership, so you feel confident and genuinely satisfied. Buying a home and building generational wealth should be an enjoyable experience!

Breana Curry

Certified Financial Coach, ULGA

The Homeownership Urban Blueprint

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